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PUR sticking production line

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Equipment characteristics:

This equipment adopts professional precision hot melt glue coating machine, which is specially used for flat laminate veneer and multi-layer laminate bonding. It is suitable for high gloss laminate production, cabinet and furniture door panels, honeycomb laminate and foam laminate bonding, etc.
Covering materials: high gloss acrylic, fire-proof board, PVC board and metal board, etc. PE, PET, PVC film, veneer, MDF sheet, etc.
Plate Material: MDF board, planer board, foaming material and honeycomb door core board, etc.
Use of Adhesive: PUR Reactive Polyurethane Thermosol
Users: Furniture, cabinets, flat door manufacturers, new building materials factories, high-grade decorative board factories, etc. The equipment is suitable for small and medium-sized professional manufacturers or furniture factories, speaker factories. It has the advantages of no wrinkle, no bubbling and higher rate of authenticity.




Extruder Series
PVC Pipe Extrusion Series
PE,PP,PPR pipe Extrusion Series


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