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Extruder Series

PVC Pipe Extrusion Series

PE,PP,PPR pipe Extrusion Series

PVC/PP/PE/PS profile extrusion series

Plastic Pelletizer Series

Laminating machine Series

High Speed Mixer Series

PVC Pipe Socketing Machine Series

Auxiliary and Accessories Series

SKR-SJZ Conical twin-screw extruder (PLC)

SKR-SJ Single screw extruder (PLC)

SKR-SJZ Conical twin-screw extruder

SKR-SJ Single screw extruder

PVC pipe making machine

PVC Double-outlet conduit pipe extrusion line

PVC 4-outlet pipe making machine

PVC 2-outlet pipe making machine

HDPE,PPR straight pipe extrusion line

PVC/PP/PE Corrugated pipe making machine

HDPE coil pipe extrusion machine

PVC/PE WPC extrusion line

PVC Cable Trunking Extrusion line

PVC Special-shaped profile production line

PVC Pofile extrusion line

PVC Hot-cutting Granulation line

PVC hot pelletizing machine

SKR-700 Multifunction laminating machine

SKE-700 PUR hot glue laminating machine

SKR-L High speed mixer unit

SKR-Z High speed mixer

PVC one outlet pipes belling machine

PVC 2-outlet pipes belling machine

PVC 4-outlet pipes belling machine

Company Introduce


SKR Machine is a large comprehensive plastic extrusion and surface decoration equipment manufacturer. The company is located in Foshan city, Guangdong province and occupies 41,000 square meter. After more than 12 years of fast development,  it becomes a modern scale enterprise. With well-experienced R&D team, know-how and dedication spirit, we never stop making innovation.

Our products include SJZ conical twin screw and SJ single screw series extrusion machines; all kinds of PVC/PE/PP pipes, profiles, and panel extrusion lines; plastic profile/board surface laminating machine, die mold and other auxiliary equipments. The machineries can be operated in automatic or semi-automatic manner to satisfy the diversified requirements.

SKR Machine mainly including the plastic extrusion machine series as below:

 SKR PVC/PE/PP pipe making machine

With different molds and auxiliary, SKR Machine are supplying many kinds plastic pipe making machine for PVC pipe (such as PVC conduit pipe, PVC drainage pipe, PVC water supply pipe and so on), PE pipe (as HDPE pipe, LDPE pipe, PE corrugated pipe), PP pipe (as PPR hot water pipe), spiral pipe, power pipe, gas pipe and other kind plastic pipe production.

 SKR PVC/PE/PS boards and profile extrusion line.

With different molds and auxiliary machines required, this production line can produce many different plastic products such as PVC cable trunking, PVC window & door profile, PVC wall panel, WPC building profile, WPE decking, cladding, PVC marble profile, PVC foam board, water top profile, frame bar and so on.

 SKR PVC/PE/PP granulation extrusion line

According to different customer’s demand, SKR Machine provides different kind of PVC, PE, PP granulation machine.

 In the surface processing field, we also have the Profile and board surface laminating equipment for different construction factory.

According to different customer’s demand, SKR laminating machine has different model laminating machine, for different application, SKR300 cold glue/PUR hot glue laminating machine, SKR700 cold glue/PUR hot glue laminating machine, SKR1220 High glossy sticking machine

 SKR Auxiliary equipments

Except the main production line, SKR Machine also supply the auxiliary machine to help the customers constantly improve their plant construction.

 Combined with our own resources, SKR Machine has been exported to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, Russia, domestic market and other areas. The products are well trusted and supported by the foreign and domestic customers.

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Vietnam Plas 2019 Exhibition

Vietnam Plas 2019 Exhibition is coming on 3rd-6th of October, 2019! SKR Machinery is waiting for you at E94 booth, in Ho Chi Ming City

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Extruder Series
PVC Pipe Extrusion Series
PE,PP,PPR pipe Extrusion Series


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